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We use the latest in behavioral sciences to fix your eating habits, and personalize your meal plan to include 500+ foods that make your weight loss journey fun and sustainable. Get in touch with our team of experts now to start your fitness journey with FitMEE the fitness company and Nutritionist in Oman.

Weight Loss Transformation In Oman

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Weight Loss Transformation
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Weight Loss Transformation In Oman
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Personalized Workout Plans

Get a personalized workout plan created by our certified trainers based on your fitness goals and convenience. Our trainers work with you to create a plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle, whether you prefer the home workout or the gym.



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About Us

We kick started our journey back in 2021, as the world was coming out of the pandemic and had started to realize the importance of health and fitness.
FitMEE was born to help people achieve their goals when they needed it the most. At FitMEE, our certified trainers and nutritionist in Oman work with you to create personalized workout and nutrition plans that help you achieve your fitness goals. All this at your convenience, either at Gym or Home and with comfort of Indian food. Fitness is just a click away with FitMEE.

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Weight Loss + Fat Loss Plan

Weight Management

Women Health Plan

PCOD, PCOS, Pre-Post Natal, Menopause

Clinical Condition Plan

Diabetes, Lipid Profile, Thyroid, UTI

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Best Nutritionist in Oman

Weight Management​

Weight management services encompass a range of professional support and resources



Diabetes is a serious disorder related to the metabolism of the body.

Pre And Post Natal Care In Oman

Pre and Post Natal care

Team FitMEE is one of the leading Fitness company in the field of health and nutrition

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